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After historically having a more direct brand driven approach to their exhibition stand design, we were excited when Barenbrug came to us wanting a story driven stand for BTME.

We clubbed together on the design to create a space that proved memorable, not only capturing attention on the day but winning Best Medium Stand of the Show.

Bespoke yet still reusable exhibition stand assets included wood effect panelling, warm stylish lighting, and faux graphic windows looking out over a ‘fairway’. This helped root the Clubhouse as an authentic space to welcome guests. Incorporating pops of distinctive brand assets such as yellow fabric on the branded scatter cushions and lampshades. The Barenbrug icon was also included on the fireplace, cushions, and even on the carpet. The result was a unique and immersive story styled stand which still felt distinctively ‘Barenbrug’.

For the stand's second outing in 2024, we created the custom branded 'Barenbuggy'. As well as signposting to the stand from the venue foyer, the Barenbuggy was designed to be re-used at a smaller scale across Barenbrug's sporting events in the future.

So, did we make par? Well, from Barenbrug’s perspective, it was a hole in one at BTME with the event not simply a creative success, but a highly effective part of their marketing.

We followed up with the Barenbrug team after the show and were thrilled to hear that the event was a “roaring success […] meeting all KPIs for the stand.” Brand salience was boosted and Barenbrug saw immediate uplift in footfall at the event, which has been followed by a longer-term benefit to brand awareness and consideration.  

Barenbrug BTME


9x4m Open 2 Sides


BTME 2023

Barenbrug's Golf 'Clubhouse' Exhibition Stand at BTME combines creativity with community to create a sophisticated and memorable space


Harrogate Convention Centre