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With clean, bright, angular features, the Holystone exhibition stand quickly asserts itself within the Electronica show with the energetic blue colouring instantly eye-catching. A subtle circuitry effect complements each graphic, providing a cohesive and appropriately themed look whilst not detracting from the info-graphic elements.

A digital display sits affront an integrated store room to deliver key information about Holystone’s impressive technological developments and new premises planned for completion in 2020. Contemporary podium displays bring the incredible intricacy of Holystone’s capacitors to the forefront of the stand. These displays ensure that whilst small, their products remain a significant feature of the design.

The second of a planned 3 year build cycle, which in the case of Electronica occurs every two years, this build remains as economical as it does energetic. It underlines our philosophy that an exhibition stand design can be repeated multiple times in order to make the most of the obvious financial economies and environmental benefits, without losing impact or effectiveness.

HolyStone Electronica 2018


9x5m Open 2 Sides


Electronica 2018

A brand driven custom exhibition stand at Electronica in Munich showcases HolyStone's industry leading capacitors across global technology


Munich Messe