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With ‘feel good’ at the heart of the Naturediet brand, it was important that the stand at Crufts had this feeling at its core.


With a light colour scheme made up primarily of pastel greens and oranges, the stand is bright and welcoming. We ensured the space was as bright as possible with multiple illumination features, lighting the main tower, counter, and product displays. At the top of the main tower, Naturediet’s logo is backlit and so easily identifiable from a distance.

The only exception to the light colour palette is the large graphic on the back of the stand; with a dark teal background, this feature graphic stands out against the rest of the space and draws attention to Naturediet’s food ingredients. Product was displayed on either side wall of the stand, as well as inside custom shelving units, which have been reused and repurposed over the course of many Naturediet events.


On the front of the tower, a large infographic helps visitors to learn more about the product range, by discovering which Naturediet product is best suited to their dog. While engaging guests, the infographic also helps provide a focus, guiding conversations with the on-stand team. It is supported by Naturediet’s cheerful brand illustrations, which are used in the design across the entire space.

Naturediet Crufts 2024




Crufts 2024

Naturediet share their 'feel good' nature with customers at Crufts 2024


NEC, Birmingham