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In the run up to Installer Show 2024, our fellow Norfolk-based business QETTLE spotted an opportunity to create a memorable moment for prospective clients. A video had gone viral amongst the plumbing and installer community, after a QETTLE installer connected his QETTLE tap to a beer keg. So, the QETTLE team came to us with the idea of recreating the viral sensation on-stand – an idea we were only too happy to facilitate.


So, with the talented QETTLE engineers setting to work on creating a beer tap for the show, we set about designing a stand that would both attract a high footfall, and facilitate memorable and meaningful conversations prompted by the beer tap. With the space being a modest footprint, we instead made use of the full build height to ensure that brand was visible from a distance. The QETTLE logo was illuminated in large letting above the space, while on the other side, ‘Beer On Tap’ acted as a hook to entice visitors over.  


Inside the stand product was the focus, supported by further elements of brand. The range of taps were displayed alongside supporting infographics, certifications, and product information. For the QETTLE beer tap display, we built a kitchen counter unit with an exposed front, allowing guests to see and understand the engineering of the tap. A custom chalkboard invited visitors in for a beer ‘on tap’, driving engagement with the interaction and encouraging a high footfall to the stand.


With a crisp connection between socials and the stand, the creativity of both QETTLE’s team and ours, and the practical delivery of the space, the final outcome was a perfect pour for QETTLE.

QETTLE Installer Show 2024


4.5 x 3.5, Open 2 Sides


Installer Show 2024

Making the most of the modest footprint, we helped QETTLE create this engaging stand space at Installer Show, featuring their unique QETTLE beer tap interaction.


NEC Birmingham



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