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Sustainable Events & Exhibitions

We want events to remain a successful part of marketing into the future. But we know this can't happen without creating events that are genuinely sustainable.

Since starting out over 30 years ago, we've made reducing waste, reusing exhibition stand inventories and adopting recyclable materials central to our extraordinary projects. Today we've taken this further with 'life cycle thinking' helping us reduce the environmental impact of all projects we undertake, without any shortcuts. Applying an honest approach to sustainability, we ensure success for our clients and our planet. 

How we use Life Cycle Thinking 

'Life Cycle Thinking' (LCT) helps us go beyond the obvious focus on whether what we do 'looks' sustainable. Instead, LCT helps us consider the materials we are using all the way from initial procurement and processing, through design, usage, re-usage, recycling and end of life. 

Making smart choices, we reduce unnecessary waste and lower environmental impacts by using the right material for the right job. For example, our exhibition stand structures are provided as a hired ‘skeleton’ of timber engineered walls and sometimes aluminium framework. Re-used over decades rather than replaced each event, the life of these materials is stretched out, which results in more sustainable events & exhibitions across all our clients.

For elements like graphics with a shorter lifespan, we use recycled materials and lower energy process like UV printing to reduce our impact, and we're always working with suppliers and new technologies to take this effort further. 

Smarter Solutions

Graphic Materials Made From Plastic Bottles

Our fabric graphic textiles are made from recovered plastic bottles, avoiding the need for virgin plastics whilst keeping our stands looking striking. 

Fabric Prints With UV Cured Inks

With our UV printer, we are able to reduce waste, chemicals, and energy by using inks cured instantly by UV light, without the need for additional heating or proccessing.

Design & Production Technology

Keeping up to date with the latest design technology allows accurate project planning, which combined with our skilled production techniques, reduces waste, energy & labour.

After first reducing waste and reusing materials as thoroughly as possible, we also partner with suppliers who offer smart solutions to take our sustainability efforts even further.

Part of our mission to be genuinely sustainable means making our installations climate positive. We believe in being honest about the current limitations on things like the vehicles, venues and industry practices that still need improvement to be truly sustainable (and we're working on it).

That's why we partner with Ecologi, to account for the 10% of our projects that we cannot effectively reduce, re-use or recycle. This extends from production to all installation, travel, and logistical impacts a project may have. Going beyond our impact alone, we make each project climate positive and attribute this to our clients who by working with us, help us support a wide range of global climate action initiatives, including carbon reduction, avoidance & removal, re-wilding, as well as community programmes and education. 

Climate Positive Projects with Ecologi

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