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About Us

'We want every client to expect extraordinary...'

A team of designers, marketers, creators and craftsmen, for over 30 years we've brought together a blend of skills, with a care for our clients that makes the way we work pretty extraordinary. 

Our History

Explore our eventful history across 30+ years (& counting)

Events Advice

Find tips, tricks and insights to get more from your events



Creating events for over 30 years, we've continuously surpassed the expectations that come with being a family-run SME. With a string of successful projects installed across the globe for brands big and small, we're pretty proud of the extraordinary we achieve from our Norwich based studios.


Never forgetting the traditional skills & service built over decades in industry, we continue to add new expertise & innovation. From blending in our brand and marketing consultancy, to adopting leading edge design technology and production techniques, we've built on tradition to transform Image Experiential into a contemporary events partner you can count on, no matter how quirky the idea or complex the challenge. 

Refreshingly simple brand, marketing and

creative consultancy.

Our History

Wondering what over 30 eventful years looks like?

Take a look...

Explore our eventful history

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Our Advice

Take a look at some events advice to help you and your business get more out of events

Explore our events advice

Planning an event or experience?

Share your project brief with us today, we'd love to help you bring the extraordinary of events into your brand & marketing.


We believe events can be a successful and sustainable part of marketing in the future. But we know it will take meaningful action today to make it happen.

That's why we build all of our projects around life-cycle thinking and a commitment to climate positive installations. Click below to learn how our extraordinary extends from you to planet earth too.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Events

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