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Auction House wanted to help prospective clients ‘get comfortable with property auctions’, and dispel the rumours rife in their industry that make people uncomfortable with auctions. We created this home-themed space, because where is more comfortable than the living room?

Driven by storytelling, the exhibition stand is made up of a combination of elements that draw on feelings of warmth and comfort: ambient lighting, comfortable furniture, even a ‘fire’ created with a cleverly disguised digital screen. By making the most of the senses, the stand tells a story that supports Auction House’s wider aims.

While we wanted to create an immersive experience, it was equally important to not lose Auction House’s distinctiveness. We found the balance by including brand assets in formats that supported the theme, rather than contrasting it. The bold logo is clear on the ‘brick’ wall, but LED backlit to give the look of a piece of wall art. More subtly, the slogan ‘Get comfortable with property auctions’ is framed above the fireplace, reinforcing key messaging but also adding to the storytelling.

Winning Best New Stand at Property Investor Show 2023, Auction House’s reusable exhibition stand tells a memorable story and makes a big impact despite its modest footprint.

Auction House Property Events


3x2m Open 2 Sides



Helping prospective clients to 'get comfortable with property auctions', we created this award-winning lounge space for Auction House's events.




Auction House

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