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In November 2023, we headed off to Frankfurt with Kalsec to Food Ingredients Europe. Kalsec were looking for a fresh and on-brand exhibition stand, to support a boost to brand salience across the European market.  


We created this bright, minimalistic exhibition stand, which mirrored the minimalistic, naturally-sourced make-up of Kalsec's ingredients. With a large wraparound counter, the team were able to host and talk visitors through their product.


Standing out against the white background, imagery showing an array of ingredients supports the messaging above. A hero image of two people enjoying a meal together connects up product and end user.


The orange and yellow Kalsec ‘swoosh’ stands out all the more against a predominantly white, black, and red backdrop, giving a vibrant pop of colour and attention grab to visitors as they approach the space.

Kalsec Food Ingredients Europe 2023


9x4m Open 3 Sides


Food Ingredients Europe 2023

Bright and on-brand, this exhibition stand brought Kalsec's natural food ingredients front and centre at FiE.


FrankFurt Messe