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Seeding success with Barenbrug’s ‘Clubhouse’ Exhibition Stand at BTME 2023

Conjuring up a creative idea for an experiential campaign can be a powerful way to make your brand memorable. But, take that strong storytelling too far, and it might overpower the brand itself. So when it comes to events, how do you transport your audience into a truly immersive experience without sacrificing the distinctiveness of your brand?

This was the question we helped long-time client Barenbrug answer when we started planning their exhibition stand for BTME 2023. Barenbrug wanted to create a space where a community of customers could come together and talk all things ‘game changing’ when it comes to grass seed for golf. The event environment needed to be warm and inviting to create a community ‘clubhouse’ feel, but also a place that reflected Barenbrug’s position as a premium, market-leading expert in grass seed.

With 6 months of intricate planning behind the project, the Clubhouse came to life. A communal space also evoking a sense of exclusivity that aligns perfectly with Barenbrug’s brand position. So, did we make par? Well, not only did the stand attract lots of visitors for Barenbrug and make them a very memorable part of BTME 2023, it was also awarded Best Medium Stand of the Show.

Inside, the Clubhouse creates an authentic sense of place; from wood effect panelling, to the leather Chesterfields, to the faux graphic windows looking out over a fairway. The fireplace and warm lighting creates a cosy ambience, distinguishing the stand from more conventional exhibition spaces. From the curated colour palette to lighting, we aimed to identify the storytelling features that would complement the brand and bring guests into a convincing high-quality clubhouse experience.

Look closely between the storytelling and you’ll see Barenbrug brand codes integrated seamlessly throughout the space. Barenbrug’s distinctive icon appears atop the fireplace, a series of scatter cushions, and even within the custom clubhouse carpet. Working from design all the way to practical build, we were able to ensure even subtle brand elements like the icon were used creatively to blend brand with the clubhouse theme. Adding in the mock fairway area and lightbox feature allowed branding to be positioned clearly without compromising the clubhouse interior. It also gave guests a familiar and fun icebreaker as they entered the stand for a ‘putt stop’ before taking a comfortable seat.

So, if you’re taking a swing at delivering an immersive experience without losing brand impact, what should you remember to keep your ideas on the green?

"The stand went down a storm! I don’t think I have ever been on a stand where people were just so amazed. Not least because at a golf event, not a single person has actually thought of the idea of a having a golf club house… sometimes the most obvious things are the best!" - Brand Manager, Barenbrug UK Ltd.

Well planning certainly helps, and with more time comes more opportunity to really think about the needs of the brand and how to execute creative in a complementary way. It’s also about having faith in your creative partners to understand how to effectively balance brand with theming. In events, the practical needs of the project also come into play. Often it ends up being the little details that tie a project together and ensure that even large scale events deliver the right results. What we do with events should always start with wider strategy, and with a stand award and a satisfied client, we’d say we’ve started off 2023 right too!

Interested in starting your own award-winning story in the world of live events, exhibitions or brand experiences? We’re always happy to help, so feel free to get in touch (the earlier the better as you can see).

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