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A Marvellous Multi-Purpose Modular Stand with Kettle Foods

Have you ever pondered the cultural impact of a crisp? Well if you did, chances are you’d end up thinking of Kettle Chips. Produced in Norfolk since 1988, their ever growing range of products continues to place Kettle Chips as the number one premium crisp brand in the UK today. Now that’s pretty spud-tacular. So from our first meeting with Kettle Foods, we knew that any exhibition stand had to be a (Kettle) chip off the old block. Their exhibition stand needed to resemble the premium product, quality and passion that permeates the Kettle brand, but that wasn’t where the challenge ended.

A break out…or perhaps ‘pop out’ star, Kettle Foods acquired the Metcalfe’s popcorn brand in 2016. Wanting to ensure both brands would shine in their new events presence, our initial design concepts had to offer equally striking individual as well as shared brand positioning. Alongside this split, we were also tasked with providing a modular exhibition stand solution that could mould to varying spaces. Whilst an unconventional approach, Kettle Food’s diverse event calendar emphasised the importance of a stand that could adapt in this way, but retain on-brand impact and function. This set us into action, producing a range of initial stand designs across multiple modular systems.

With access to a wide market of modular exhibition stand systems, we’re driven by best fit for our clients and not a fixed relationship with suppliers. As we continued to discuss our plans with the Kettle Foods team, it soon became clear which system would be best fit for Kettle. Working closely with manufacturers, we planned to leverage a twist and lock aluminium frame to create a multi-purpose modular stand system unique to Kettle. Designed with not one or two, but over twelve configurations, the new modular stands would certainly offer flexibility. However, the approach to graphic finishes required careful consideration to prevent both the aesthetics and costs becoming chaotic within such flexibility.

Working closely with Kettle Food’s own creative team, we were able to evolve concepts into creations, creating cleverly interchangeable graphic panels. These graphics work flexibly across different sizes, open sides, shell scheme, space only and split brands, while retaining their cohesive premium presence. Meanwhile, we drew upon our planning with manufacturers to ensure the hardware and structures for each of the twelve planned variations would work effectively. This combination of the ideal hardware, intelligent graphic design and project management led to the creation of a truly unique modular exhibition stand system. Using a range of graphic finishes to dress the stand from magnetic roll-up graphics to an illuminated fabric light-box to branded counters and sampling displays. A full complement of features to ensure a premium professional finish for both brands.

"We would just like to reiterate how pleased we are with the step change we've experience regarding our presence at trade shows ... thank you very much for the way you have effectively picked up the management of storage, installation and take down aspects of our trade program too." - Shopper Marketing Manager, Kettle Foods

With their new modular exhibition stand being finalised, we also evolved Kettle Food’s portable exhibition displays. Using our knowledge of Eve Product’s “Twist” system, we were able to retrofit the existing hardware for Kettle Foods, extending the height to better fill shell scheme spaces and adapting their graphic approach. Working with Kettle’s creatives once more, a cohesive and flexible set of graphics was produced, drawing on the same approach as their exhibition stand. The result, two unique, cohesive and highly adaptable exhibition stand systems allowing Kettle Foods to engage visitors, promote their brands and present their premium position in the market. Real Food. Real Pleasure...and a really rather nice project to be a part of!

If you're considering how to elevate your events presence using portables, modular exhibition stand systems or your very own bespoke mash-up - get in touch to see how we could help you.

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