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Power up your events with pre-show positioning

Events can be effective, but they aren’t a magic bullet. You may have heard the phrase ‘build it and they will come’, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We often see brands getting so focused on the event itself that they forget about pre-show positioning. But events are always part of a bigger picture, part of a broader marketing mix, and these wider tools can be used to your advantage. Having a multi-channel approach to marketing is a strong multiplier of effectiveness, and in events it’s no different.

We know that organising events is an all-consuming task.

While you’re juggling other tasks, pre-show marketing might get pushed to the bottom of the pile. That’s where an event partner comes in, helping to manage the event and allowing you to reclaim time. From managing plans and paperwork to organising on-stand engagements and hospitality, we tailor our approach to suit the level of support that suits you best. With us managing as much or as little of the event as you want, you can turn the focus back to your brand and marketing, making events less stressful and ultimately more successful.

At the simplest level, pre-show marketing might just mean telling people you’re there.

If you don’t invite your clients & prospects, your competition will. So, be visible and draw on the strengths of other marketing channels to drive awareness of your events presence.

Keep your messaging consistent.

Consistency in positioning can bring great benefits to your events. So, whatever your main messaging or focus is for the event, lean into it within your pre-show marketing. For example, if you’re launching a new product, you could send personalised invitations to loyalists, offering them the opportunity to be among the first to try the product.

Integrate your CRM to elevate on-stand engagements

Are you running a competition or engagement at the show, or even just hosting meetings on your stand? You could integrate CRM tools - for example encouraging entries or sign-ups via a landing page on your website, or using an email campaign.

Creative and consistent pre-show positioning has the power to charge up even the smallest event. So when you’re planning your event marketing, don’t underestimate the importance of pre-show marketing, and make sure it works hard to set you up for success.

Do you have an upcoming project that you’d like support with? Get in touch with us today, or take a look at our recent projects for inspiration.

For more in-depth support with your positioning or pre-show marketing, our brand consultancy Image Development provides refreshingly simple support across brand and marketing.

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