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Striking Triumph Motorcycles Exhibition Stand Design, Inspired By Modern Bonneville Range

Style, performance and story combine in this stunning exhibition stand concept for Triumph Motorcycles.

A timeless link between Triumph’s past and present presented the perfect opportunity to showcase the crossroads of our own capabilities when it comes to making events and experiential marketing a little more extraordinary.


Steering simple ideas into striking exhibition stand concepts


Noticing a ‘more is more’ mentality creeping into many modern exhibition stand designs, we were determined to rebalance brand, product and audience experience, focusing on Triumph’s iconic Bonneville range of Modern Classics. Bucking the trend of translating a conventional showroom experience into a motorcycle exhibition, we wanted our concept to resonate with the story that takes shape when someone gets in the saddle. An experience our managing director Alex knows only too well from riding his own Triumph Street Twin.


“Ideas are so central to what we do, but it’s the biggest paradox that they don’t come from being sat behind a desk – to be entirely cliché they come from those moments out of office. Ironically, that’s where this concept for Triumph came from. I was riding my bike surrounded by the engine and the wind noise, thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. I started to think about all of the experiences shared by bikers sat on a Triumph in that moment and how they were so different, but so connected, and then I thought how cool it would be to create a 3D space that started to tap into that. Even if just a little bit of it, captured in a ‘biome’ that set up the bike and made the brand more memorable.” 


Extending a campaign which started life across Triumph’s social media channels, we expanded on this concept of which ‘biome’ a bike would inhabit. By extension, we also connected the Triumph audience with the type of biker they’d like to be. Whether exploring a sleek streetscape or secluded desert track, we wanted the immediate product experience to be as aspirational as possible.


Not only is this concept pushing brand and product up the benefit ladder, but it allows these Triumph biomes to be more distinctive and memorable than the muted motorcycle displays we’re seeing more of.


Where rubber meets the road and creativity meets capability



Drawing heavily on the distinctive brand assets of Triumph, the master brand is reinforced throughout, using the scale of the space to deliver brand at different speeds. With a floor adorned in their iconic union jack inspired logo, there is immediate connection to the heritage of the Triumph brand, with each Bonneville biome splintering from the central brand hub with a patriotic flourish.

A striking exhibition stand for Triumph Motorcycles, focusing on the Bonneville range with a series of themed podiums, with the bikes displayed on them.

This heritage is further celebrated with a large curving perimeter wall to the rear of the stand design, shielding the space from adjacent noise and creating a sense of enclosure to explore the brand’s story that started in 1902. Tasteful archive imagery adorns the wall, with wayfinding LED and interactive timeline narration charting over 120 years of Triumph in a connected smart phone experience.


Central to the space is undoubtedly the series of Bonneville biomes, each embodied with its own unique theme specific to each model. From a winding mountain road framing the Triumph Speed Twin to a secluded desert set against the Scrambler, each biome blends vibrant graphics with a real-life set design, inviting the audience to experience just a little part of the shared story motorcycles can so richly evoke. Perfect for extending the event into instantly sharable moments on social media, the biomes provide high-quality photo opportunities for those firmly aspiring owners. Meanwhile, those who wish to take action can take advantage of the connected motorcycle configurator, ready to create and even order their perfect Triumph.


Bonus miles: getting more from event marketing materials

Extending their life further, the biomes are also designed to operate as a standalone display. This means that beyond a collective exhibition setup, each biome can be setup as part of a guerrilla marketing display, Triumph pop-up shop or Bonneville brand experience outside of an exhibition venue. Not only does this help extend the reach of the brand and product, but also helps to extend the ROI of each unit and reduce unnecessary waste. It’s these types of bonus miles we always like to bake in for brands.

An exhibition stand for Triumph Motorcycles, with a close up view of one of the motorbike 'biome' displays. The Bonneville bike sits on a desert themed podium, with a digital screen telling the story of the bike and how it fits into the wider range.

It’s only fitting that the ‘one that started it all’ sits central to our series of biomes. With the classic Triumph Bonneville reimagined for a new generation, this central biome platform gives way to a large format digital LED wall display. Connecting stories behind the classic motorcycle, with aspiring new riders, this digital screen allows for a full dynamic showcase of the features behind the Modern Classic range, and is aptly flanked by images from the past and future of the Bonneville range.


For the ride: bringing style, performance, and story into an exhibition stand


Whilst this exhibition stand design for Triumph was about taking one of our favourite brands for a ride in our arena, there’s a lot to learn from the experience.


Perhaps you’ll think of it as a ride out for some creative space ahead of planning your next exhibition? What ideas or insights did you take away?


We hope we’ve helped to highlight, that just as with other marketing channels, creative is a core multiplier of effectiveness. Those who wield it well can develop real competitive advantage regardless of category.


It’s rarely about this or that either. Timeless creative efforts which blend aspects of brand, design and top notch experience for exhibitors and visitors are the best starting points.


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