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Enhancing your event marketing? Here’s why you should hire an ‘event prof’…

Picture it, you’re planning your company’s first ever appearance at an event, or maybe you’re evolving out of the shell scheme.

You know your why, and you know what you want to achieve from the event. But how do you get there and where do you start?

Anyone who’s ever planned an event will tell you it’s an involved and time-heavy process. In fact, one of our clients described it as an “intense, all-consuming task which requires layers of thought and organisation.” Before you know it, you may find yourself spinning a growing number of plates to manage the event and keep up with your to-do list, meanwhile brand takes a back seat.

But, because you’re a savvy marketer, you’re keen to avoid this situation. So you start looking into expert support for your event. Affectionately dubbed ‘event profs’ you might wonder what this quirky bunch do, and what does working with one mean for you? Will involving another party really alleviate your stress that much? Won’t it just be really expensive?

Well, we’re here to dispel the myths around ‘event profs’ and help you figure out why hiring an event prof could be just the boost your events need this year.

So, what is an Event Prof?

‘Eventprof’, short for ‘events professional’, is really what it sounds like. A professional in planning and managing events. Whether you’re planning an experiential marketing campaign, an exhibition stand for a show or a brand activation, an ‘event prof’ can help. This can range from help designing your stand, to end-to-end management of all event requirements through to build.

What are the benefits of hiring an events professional?

1. Expertise linking all areas

While event planning can be “intense” and “all-consuming”, the right eventprof will have expertise in all stages of the event process, including design, marketing, project management, production, and set up/removal at the event. This takes the pressure off of you at every stage, meaning that you’re able to reclaim time to focus on the things you’re a pro at.

“Event planning is an intense, all-consuming task which requires layers of thought and organisation. Image Display make attending events a calm, pleasant and fun experience. From conception to delivery the team take control, never miss a deadline and always think of something we haven't!” – Brand Director, Naturediet.

2. Connections with trusted suppliers

Let’s face it, exhibition stands can involve some chunky and potentially confusing costs. You want to be confident that every aspect is in safe hands. No matter how much time you spend researching suppliers alone, you still might not feel comfortable connecting costs with outcomes. However, event profs have long-term relationships with suppliers, meaning that you have access to quality support from trusted partners who can help connect the dots. This means you can save time, money and stress too.

3. Knowledge of the venue

Stand builders know the ins and outs of events venues, meaning that set-up is efficient, smooth and stress-free. Simple (which is exactly how we aim to keep it).

4. Dedicated project management

With ongoing support and consultation with your event prof throughout the entire process, you can be confident that from design through to build, every detail is being managed thoroughly. Everything that you need is ready in time, nothing is missed, and you can feel ready to tackle the day of the event without any nasty surprises.

So, planning your event with an eventprof at your side can save you both time and money, as well as a significant amount of plate-spinning stress. But at Image we know that even with the help of an expert you’ll have lots of questions; that’s why we will always pick up the phone, always be happy to advise, and always hold ourselves to the highest standards.

We know how important it is to get everything spot on, but being able to consistently deliver comes with knowledge and experience. With over 30 years in the industry, it’s fair to say we have lots of both, and never forget the basics either!

Ready to elevate your events and create something extraordinary? Perhaps it’s time you gave an ‘event prof’ a try.

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